About Tour and Academic Visiting


One Day Tour in Cape Town (January 22, 2020)

8:50 am: Gather in the lobby of Cape Town Lodge Hotel

9 am: leave to beach (around 30 minutes’ visit)

Visit the Twelve Apostles (around 30 minutes)

Lunch (Lunch is not included)

Visit Seal Island (around 90 minutes)

Visit Cape Penguins (around 90 minutes)

Visit Cape of Good Hope (around 4 hours) (Ticket is not included)

Came back the hotel


1. The registration for tour will be closed on Jan. 20. 120 USD per person will be charged.

2. Because we need to arrange the car and other matters in advance, onsite registration is unacceptable.

3. The tour itinerary may vary due to change of visitors' number.


Beach                                                  The twelve apostles


Cape of Good Hope                                        Cape Penguins


Academic Visiting in University of Cape Town (Free) (January 20, 2020)

1:30 pm: Garther in the lobby of Cape Town Lodge Hotel

1:40 pm: Leave to University of Cape Town

2:00pm-5:00pm: Visiting the Campus and the Mechanical Engineering Department

Note: Please register the academic visiting before January 5. Onsite registration for academic visiting is unacceptable.